When I face a text either to proofread or translate it, I am perfectionist and meticulous. On one side, I will not stop until I find out why a certain word has no graphic accent or why that one must be italicized. On the other side, when I translate, I never keep the first thing that comes to my mind because I like my work to sound natural — I dive into forums and dictionaries to find the best possible translation and not fall into the literal.


Aside the numerous projects I have taken care of in-house, the following are some of my works:

  • 2017-present. Libros de Trapisonda. EN > ES translation:
    • Confidential (forthcoming)
  • 2017-present. Carmot Press. EN > ES translation:
    • Payasa (collaborative translation)
    • Confidential (forthcoming)
  • 2015-present. Bang EdicionesProofreading and revision:
    • La luciérnaga Chispa
    • Señor Colibrí
    • Astro-ratón y Bombillita (3. Patator Cocido)
    • El Niño Nada
    • Etc.
  • 2015. Festival Internacional de Cine Filmadrid:
    • ES > EN, synopsis of O Touro, and proofreading of the subtitles.
    • Proofreading of the subtitles of Things of the Aimless Wanderer.